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General Resources
Climate Change and Human Health - risks and responses. Summary
  World Health Organization
This booklet is a summary of the full report, published by WHO in collaboration with UNEP and WMO.
Climate Change and Mosquito-Borne Disease
  Environmental Health Perspecitves, Vol. 109, Suppl. 1, pp.141-161, March 2001 Author: P. Reiter
Climate, Ecology, and Human Health
  Consequences, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1997 Author: P.R. Epstein
An Integrated Assessment Framework for Climate Change and Infectious Diseases
  Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 107, No. 5, pp. 329-337May 1999 Authors: N.Y. Chan, K.L. Ebi, F. Smith, T.F. Wilson, and A.E. Smith
Methods of assessing human health vulnerability and public health adaptation to climate change
  Health and Global Environmental Change, Series No. 1, World Health Organization, 2003 Authors: S. Kovats, K.L. Ebi, and B. Menne [Lead authors]
A joint publication by the WHO, WMO, UNEP and Health Canada targeting governments, agencies and institutions, takes a look at how climate change may exacerbate climate sensitive diseases.
WHO: Climate change and health
  World Health Organization

Links to WHO reports and publications, many of which are available online, as well as general climate change and health information and workshop information.

Regional & National Impacts
Human Health Consequences of Climate Variability and Change for the United States
  Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 109, Suppl. 2, May 2001 Authors: S.M. Bernard, M.G. McGeehin, and J.A. Patz [Eds.]
This issue of Environmental Health Perspectives was sponsored by the US. EPA, Global Change Research Program and all of the Climate articles are fully available to non-subscribers. The 6 climate health articles cover the National Assessment's Health Impacts component, temperature related morbidity and mortality, health impacts of extreme weather events, air pollution related health effects, water and foodborne diseases, and vector and rodent borne diseases.
Human Health & Global Climate Change: A Review of Potential Impacts in the United States
  Pew Center on Global Climate Change: Arlington, VA. 2000. Authors: J.M. Balbus and M.L. Wilson
This is one in a series of Pew Center reports evaluating the potential impacts of climate change on the U.S. The finding in the report are than, in general, the U.S. should have sufficient resources to limit climate change impacts on human health, however, because the linkages between climate and health are so complex and incompletely defined, it is difficult to say with certainty, exactly how climate change will impact human health.
Projecting the local impacts of global climate change on public health in New York City
  American Public Health Association, 132nd Annual Meeting and Exposition, Public Health and the Environment, November 6-10, 2004, Washington, DC
An abstract from an upcoming meeting of the American Public Health Association.
U.S. Unprepared for Global Warming's Health Effects
  New Stories,, June 20, 2001 Authors: C. Ward [Staff Writer]
Publications (individual)
Regional Impacts > U.S. National Assessment
Health Sector Assessment
  U.S. National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change
Homepage of the Health Assessment Team,
U.S. National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change: Human Health Sector
  National Assessment Synthesis Team
Webpage for the U.S. National Assessment's Human Health Sector, linking to publications and materials from the Health Assessment Group.
The Potential Health Impacts of Climate Variability and Change for the United States: Executive Summary of the Report of the Health Sector of the U.S. National Assessment
  Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 108, No. 4, April 2000 Authors: J.A. Patz, M.A. McGeehin, S.M. Bernard, K.L. Ebi, P.R. Epstein, A. Grambsch, D.J. Gubler, P. Reiter, I. Romieu, J.B. Rose, J.M. Samet, and J. Trtanj1
The health sector assessment was published in the April 2000 volume of Environmental Health Perspectives and is available for free to non-subscribers.
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