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New York Metropolitan Region
What's happening to the climate in the New York metropolitan area and what will it mean for the people who live here? We hear a lot about climate change, climate variability, and global warming, but how will these changes affect the New York region and people living in it? The CCIR-NYC was created to be an information resource for policymakers, educators, and the general public on the impacts of climate change and variability in the tri-state New York metropolitan area, ways to adapt to these changes, and ways to limit their impacts in the future.The CCIR-NYC Issue Briefs explain what causes climate change, how climate change will affect the New York metropolitan area and what policymakers, businesses, and individuals can do in response to climate change. Recent regional projections for changes in temperature, precipitation, extreme weather events, and sea-level rise are presented, along with impacts, likely costs, and potential adaptation and mitigation strategies.The CCIR-NYC Resources section includes an extensive compilation of links to articles, reports, data, and organizations that provide information on climate change relevant to the New York metropolitan region. 2 pics and regional map
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